July 2024

Maxim-ising Our Spiritual Life (1)
And on the seventh day…
Thy Kingdom Come

June 2024

A Meditation on Mark 10:17–22
Walking by faith and not by sight
Extraordinary Time
“You can only see properly with your heart.”

May 2024

St Philip & Corpus Christi
Spiritual Fruits
Our Lady at Pentecost
Life Begins At Forty
Easter goes on

April 2024

The Patronage of Saint Philip Neri
Favourite resurrection stories
“Always go forward; never look back.”
Go back to Jerusalem

March 2024

O Friend, on what errand hast thou come?
Our Restoration
A Week of Prayer
How’s your Lent going so far?

February 2024

The Lenten Fast
An Island in the Rain
The Growth of the Church

January 2024

Respice finem
The Gentleman Saint
The Indies shall be your Indies
Troubled or rejoicing?

December 2023

And is it true?
O Come Let Us Adore Him
Ad litteram
He stoops down from on high

November 2023

Thy Kingdom Come
The Communion of Saints
Blessed Salvio Huix
Friends in heaven

October 2023

“Of ghouls and ghosts and long-leggedy beasties”
The law of praying (12): The law of living
The law of praying (11): Asking for pardon
St John Henry Newman: Theologian, Oratorian
St Luigi Scrosoppi
The law of praying (10): Remembering the dead

September 2023

The law of praying (9): Sharing in the heavenly altar
The law of praying (8): Looking up to heaven and back in time
The law of praying (7): Making God present
The law of praying (6): Negotiating with God

August 2023

The law of praying (5): Communicating with the Saints
The law of praying (4): Remembering the Living
The law of praying (3): Praying for the Church
The law of praying (2): Addressing the Father
The law of praying

July 2023

Saying Something to Someone
School’s out
Is God my God?
Let us not lose sight of Jesus

June 2023

Two different men, one same Faith
Flos paradisi
The Sacred Heart

May 2023

Vessel of the Holy Spirit
Look up to heaven
Crowns come in different sizes
Praying with words

April 2023

Found by God
Now we see as in a mirror, dimly
A new season
And suddenly it is Holy Week…

March 2023


February 2023


January 2023

Blessed Sebastian Valfrè
Saint Francis de Sales, Cong. Orat.
‘Go out into the whole world and proclaim the Good News’
Benedict XVI

December 2022

Childlike innocence
An interruption to the routine
‘How good a thing it is to be a Son of St Philip’
‘Make straight the way of the Lord’

November 2022

Advent signs of the Kingdom
Our November Friends
‘Frosts and cold, O bless the Lord’
The Lateran Basilica
Blessed Salvio Huix
Mediocrity will not do

October 2022

Keep the light burning brightly
Marlene Dietrich and Saint Frideswide
The hem of his garment
A life explained only by faith in God

September 2022

It takes all sorts to make the Church
HM The Queen
How to pray (10)

August 2022

How to pray (9)
How to pray (8)
How to pray (7)
How to pray (6)
How to pray (5)

July 2022

How to pray (4)
How to pray (3)
How to pray (2)
How to pray (1)

June 2022

The Feast of God
Getting out of the way
The Silence of the Spirit
Our own Personal Pentecost

May 2022

The Peace of God
Paschal Joy
Our Lady in Eastertide

April 2022

A simple act of kindness
‘Then comes the end.’ (1 Cor. 15:24)
‘Go, and sin no more’

March 2022

The Passion
When to speak
Perfect Saints

February 2022

Particular times and particular places
In love with God
I confess to almighty God…
Candlemas and Hope

January 2022

Growth in holiness

December 2021

Timing it right
The Coming of Our Lord
Planning ahead
Decking the halls

November 2021

Making the effort
‘Forgive and you will be forgiven’
Reflecting on Death
All Soul’s Night

October 2021

Push through and run

September 2021

Angels’ Protection
Some more about prayer
The Sign of the Cross

July 2021

O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness
God made it, God loves it, God preserves it
Give thanks in and for everything

June 2021

Ordinary Time
All or nothing?
Making use of distractions
Distractions in prayer
The human face of God’s love

May 2021

St Philip and the Holy Spirit
Praying with the same passion
Shouts of joy…trumpet blast?
Mary’s month of May

April 2021

St Philip’s Patronage
The Early Church

March 2021

The Ceremonies of Holy Week
Nearly there

February 2021

Dust and ashes
‘As the days grow longer, the cold grows stronger’

January 2021

‘I’m only human’

December 2020

The Dawn
Pointing to Christ
Cycles and Opportunities

November 2020

Who are you?
Bringing to God what is
Friends with death

October 2020

‘You will not leave my soul among the dead’
Trying to pray
‘He knows what he is about’
The Rosary

September 2020

Spiritual battles
For thy sake
The Cross