November Music

Tuesday 2 November Solemn Mass 18:00
All Souls
Officium Defunctorum a6 Victoria
Versa est in luctum Victoria

Friday 5 November Solemn Mass 18:00
Solemn Requiem for deceased
Fathers and Brothers of the Oratory

Officium Defunctorum a4 Anerio

Sunday 7 November Solemn Mass 11:00
32nd Sunday of the Year
Missa Doulce Mémoire Lassus
Cantate domino Croce
Ave verum Peñalosa

Friday 12 November Solemn Mass 18:00
Solemn Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart (Visit of Cardinal Pell)
Ecce sacerdos Elgar
Missa Papae Marcelli Palestrina
In spiritu humilitatis Croce
Adoramus te Monteverdi

Sunday 14 November Solemn Mass 11:00
Solemn Requiem for the Fallen
Officium Defunctorum a4  Morales

Sunday 21 November Solemn Mass 11:00
Christ the King
Missa brevis in C (220) Mozart
Dominator domine Lassus
Laudate dominum Mozart

Sunday 28 November Solemn Mass 11:00
Advent I
Missa Prudentes Virgines Lobo
Canite tuba Guerrero
Advent prose Plainchant