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The Friends of the Oratory is a growing part of the Oratory family. Many people have passed through Oxford and been formed here in the Catholic faith, found faith or just made lots of good friends. Our Friends organisation is a fantastic way to keep in touch with what’s going on, keep in touch with the Fathers, support the work of the Oratory and to have access to some exclusive events just for Friends. Some Friends are regular parishioners, some are occasional visitors, others used to worship here and have now moved on to pastures new but would like to play a part in Oratory life.

The experience of the last few years has taught us all how important the Church is to us and how important it is to keep in touch with those who matter most. We want you to remain part of our vibrant Catholic community and the Friends of the Oratory is a great way to do that.

By their prayer, sacrifices and generosity, the Friends of the Oratory are an important support for the work of the Oratory.

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Great reasons to join

By becoming a member of our Friends organisation, you are supporting one of the most vibrant centres of Catholic life in Britain. You will be ensuring we can continue this into the future, supporting our sacred music and the restoration of our beautiful church. The Friends of the Oratory is a wonderful way for you to continue to be part of life at the Oratory wherever you are and to help us keep forming new generations of Catholics.

“I did not know the phrase of St John Henry Newman, Cor ad cor loquitur, until his canonisation, but I experienced this phrase every time I encountered an Oratorian, every time I went to Mass or Confession, and especially through their patient and thoughtful spiritual preparation before my Baptism. The Fathers not only help me to know God’s words and learn the faith intellectually, they also lead me onto the right path to live a Catholic life. No matter where I am, what I have learned from the Oratorians give me courage and I will always remember the Oratory as my family.” — Wenlan (Leiden/Shanghai)

As well as contributing directly to the work of the Oratory, your annual subscription lets you enjoy the following benefits:


There are a number of ways to become a Friend of the Oratory:

Friends of the Oratory receive the Oratory Magazine twice a year and receive invitations to a number of special events throughout the year. (£30 pa)

In addition to receiving the Oratory Magazine, Benefactor Friends of the Oratory are able to attend our full calendar of events as well as our residential pilgrimage each year and receive regular updates and mailings about the Oratory. (£100pa)

We also recognise and celebrate the particular generosity of those who are able to contribute at least £1000 or more per year to the Oratory. These Patrons of the Oratory have access to the full calendar of events, pilgrimages and receive our magazine. In addition they are invited to a number of unique events through the course of the year.

Students at the Oratory

We are blessed by the number of students who attend the Oratory, many of whom move on to pastures new, near and far, at the end of their studies. Our Student Friends of the Oratory is a group which supports the work of the Fathers by their annual subscription as well as helping organise Friends events. Student Friends receive our magazine, have access to all our events and have some social events of their own at the specially reduced rate of £15 per year while they are studying.

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Friend Membership
£30 annually
Benefactor Friend Membership
£100 annually
Student Friend Membership
£15 annually

Learn more

You can find more information on becoming a Friend of the Oratory by downloading our Friends of the Oratory leaflet. You can also see past issues of the Friends’ newsletter from December 2019 and May 2020.

You can contact the Friends team directly by e-mailing: friends@oxfordoratory.org.uk