Do you think you might be interested in becoming a Catholic? Even if you’re not ready to make a firm decision now, come and speak to one of the Fathers, who will be able to answer any questions you might have about the Catholic faith.

If you would like to be baptised, or received into full Communion with the Church, one of the Fathers will guide you through the process. In many churches, this kind of preparation takes place in groups or classes, running up to baptism or reception into the Church at Easter. We are lucky to have several priests here in Oxford, which means that we can do all adult preparation on a one to one basis. That means that we aren’t bound by any particular time constraints and can tailor what we talk about to the needs of each individual. Ordinarily, this preparation would consist of weekly one hour meetings for as long as is needed. There are no rules about how many meetings there need to be. The Father looking after you will make sure that you get the most out of these sessions, at a pace that best suits you.

The first step is always to meet in person so that we can begin to plan a way forward, and to give you a chance to ask any questions you might have at the moment. None of these meetings involve any kind of commitment, and there is no need to feel rushed into making any kind of decisions.

The most important thing you can do, if you feel that God might be guiding you towards the Catholic Church, is to pray and to come regularly to one of our Sunday Masses. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart to his inspiration and trust that God will bring you to the place he wants you to be.