Wednesday 24 August 2022

How to pray (8)

Our weekly reflections are paused for the summer, so in their place there will be a short extract from how to pray in ten easy steps. This guide is taken from The Oratory Prayer Book, a new prayer book of old prayers that we are publishing and will be available in the coming months.

8. Pray throughout the day

You can give more of your daily routine to God by praying during the day. Saying grace before and after every meal reminds us of God’s many gifts to us. Saying a prayer when we meet someone in need might help them more than we know. We should get into a habit of saying a prayer when we see an ambulance (for the person in need), when we hear someone has died, and when we want to thank God for good news too! The time we spend travelling—especially when we’re walking or sitting on a bus or train—can be used to talk over the day so far and the day still to come in God’s company. You can ‘live’ your prayers by taking a word or idea from a prayer and finding opportunities to apply it throughout the day.

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