Wednesday 13 July 2022

How to pray (2)

Our weekly reflections are paused for the summer, so in their place there will be a short extract from how to pray in ten easy steps. This guide is taken from The Oratory Prayer Book, a new prayer book of old prayers that we are publishing and will be available in the coming months.

2. Walk before you run

If your prayer time is going to fit into your routine, it has to be short enough to fit into your timetable. It is much better to have a short but regular time of prayer than to spend hours trying to catch up. Many people take on too much when they begin to pray, like someone beginning a new exercise routine with a marathon. But when they can’t keep up their new routine, they give up all together. Start slowly—walk before you run—and once you form a habit of praying regularly, your time of prayer can grow naturally.

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