Wednesday 7 September 2022

How to pray (10)

Our weekly reflections are paused for the summer, so in their place there will be a short extract from how to pray in ten easy steps. This guide is taken from The Oratory Prayer Book, a new prayer book of old prayers that we are publishing and will be available in the coming months.

10. Don’t pray alone

The most important prayer ever made is Christ’s crucifixion, when he offered himself to the Father. All our prayers only work because they are joined with his, and that offering from the Cross is made present again every time we go to Mass. That’s why the Mass is such an important prayer that we have to join in with it at least every Sunday. The prayer we offer together in church is also a reminder that we are part of the same body, and that we are there to support each other in prayer. Sometimes when we find prayer difficult, we can be carried on the prayers of others. When we find prayer easy, that means it is our turn to carry them. We can also extend our Sunday experience by sharing times of prayer with others: friends, family, and others from our parish. Of course the saints and angels are also praying for us in heaven. Never forget to ask them to join their prayers to your own.

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