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Wednesday 16 April 2014

St Anthony in Progress

The wood carver in Germany who is producing a new St Anthony, to replace that burnt on 2nd October, has sent the following pictures of the statue emerging from the wood:


The completed statue should be ready and will be blessed on the feast of St Anthony of Padua, 13th June.

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Parish Lent Project


Last weekend we had an appeal at all Masses by Mr Robin Aitken on behalf of our Lent Project, the Oxford Food Bank. From the Second Collection and other donations we have thus far raised £2197.41 (inc. Gift Aid).

The Oxford Food Bank collects good quality fresh food from the local supermarkets and wholesalers, and delivers it for free to numerous local registered charities. For every £1 the Food Bank receives in donations, it delivers at least £25 worth of fruit, vegetables, bread, and dairy products. Whilst the Food Bank is a very efficient operation, it does need funds to keep going. For more information, take a look at the website at

There is still more time to make donations. They should be sent to the Parish Priest, Fr Anton, before Low Sunday (Divine Mercy Sunday), 27th April.


Saturday 5 April 2014

2014 Paschal Candle

Designed and painted by Mrs Freddie Quartley.


Saturday 5 April 2014

Spring Cleaning on a large scale

Since we had the sanctuary re-painted in 2009, the dust has built up somewhat on the walls and window-ledges. So, before the Passiontide veils went up, we took the opportunity to hoover them - we hope that the ledges in the nave might follow!

Saturday 5 April 2014

Wednesday Morning Group Retreat at Littlemore

Some of our over-sixties in Newman's library at the College, Littlemore: