Saturday 16 November 2019

Our Sacred Heart Chapel Unveiled! After two years of planning, preparation and three months of construction, our new Sacred Heart altar has been installed, along with a new floor and the redecoration of the chapel.
Designed by Robert Kerr RIBA of @adamarchitecture , the altar is built of limestone and coloured marbles from Italy, crafted by S. McConnell & Son of Kilkeel, Northern Ireland. The design of the altar is in the restrained Roman Baroque style associated with the Roman churches of the counter-reformation. The facade of the Roman Oratory Church, the Chiesa Nuova, was a particular inspiration.
The chapel has been repainted in a highly breathable natural paint and in a subtle colour to allow the altar and statue of the Sacred Heart to stand out. The decorators painstakingly uncovered the natural sandstone surrounds and tracery on the windows and the piscina.
It is our hope in years to come to add a scheme of stencilled decoration with symbols of the Sacred Heart, patterns and borders.
The main contractors were @symmthebuilder

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