Wednesday 1 April 2020

Have you ever noticed the six-winged seraphim who guard the tabernacle of our church? They follow the description of the spirits guarding the throne of God in Isaiah’s vision (Is. 6:2–6). Now is a good time to ask your own guardian angel for help, while it is impossible to attend Mass:

O holy angel at my side, go to the church for me.
Kneel at my place at Holy Mass where I desire to be.
At the offertory in my stead, take all I am and own
and place it as a sacrifice upon the altar throne.
At holy consecration’s bell adore with the seraphs above
my Jesus hidden in the host come down from heaven above.
And pray for those I dearly love and those who cause me grief.
That Jesus’ heart may cleanse all hearts and suffering souls relieve.
And when the priest communion makes, O bring my Lord to me,
that his sweet heart may rest on mine and I his temple be.
Pray that this sacrifice divine may mankind’s sins efface
then bring thy blessing home, the pledge of every grace!


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