Friday 1 May 2020

OYA by Zoom tonight at 8pm

What’s in a name? Who to talk to when you pray

Do you ever feel like praying is a bit like throwing a coin into a wishing well? How confident are we that our prayers are actually heard, let alone answered? When we speak to God, who do we actually think we’re talking to? We’ll be looking at this and more tonight, with the help of the Scriptures. There should be something in this talk that brings everyone closer to our heavenly Father.

Tonight’s meeting is taking a slightly different format because of the lockdown. We’ll be starting promptly at 8pm. Click this link to open the meeting in Zoom:

We’ll jump straight into the introduction as soon as we’re ready. We’ll use the breakout room feature of Zoom so that everyone can discuss the questions in small groups as we would normally. Then through the wonder of technology, everyone will be transported back to the main meeting for the final talk.

There will still be the usual prayers at the end (without the singing!), but we won’t have the period of silent prayer in front of the computer screen — that’s best left till later.

We look forward to seeing you all this evening, especially if you’re no longer in Oxford and wouldn’t have been able to attend in person tonight.

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