Tuesday 29 June 2021

O blessed Peter, head and chief of the Apostles, you are the guardian of the keys of the heavenly kingdom, and against you the powers of hell do not prevail; you are the rock of the Church and the shepherd of Christ’s flock; you are great in power, wonderful in your heavenly bliss; you have the right of binding and loosing in heaven and on earth. The sea supported your footsteps, the sick upon whom even your shadow fell were cured of their ills. By the memory of that right hand which supported you on the waves of the sea, lift me from the ocean of my sins, and by those tears which you shed for your Lord, break the bonds of my offences and free me from the hand of all my adversaries. Help me, O good shepherd, that I may in this life serve Christ Jesus, that with your help, after the close of a good life, I may deserve to attain the reward of eternal happiness in heaven, where you are the guardian of the gates and the shepherd of the flock for ever and ever. Amen.


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