Saturday 24 September 2016

Oratory Young Adults


From Friday 14th October we begin a new series of events for young adults aged 18 to 30.
The events are intended to help build community among younger adults who come to the Oratory but also to help our young adults share and grow in faith. Each event centres around a scripture reading for discussion and conversation over some food and drink and the session ends with a time of prayer. The first session is entitled ‘Why am I here?’ so if sometimes you come to Church and you are not sure of the answer to this question, perhaps you ought to come along! The card below shows the list of dates and topics for the meetings and you can get updates and event notices on our Facebook page @oratoryyoungadults


Our series of events for young adults aged 18-30 takes place on a Friday night at the beginning of each month. We meet over some simple food and drink to discuss a question that is important to us as young Catholics, share some catechesis and a piece of scripture before spending a short time in prayer and song together in Church.
Five hundred years ago in Rome St Philip gathered around him some young people who were preoccupied with the cares, not only of life and work, but of what it means to be faithful to the Church and become a closer disciple and friend of Christ. Familiar conversation on the Word of God, prayer, song, and friendship with one another was St Philip’s way of helping them grow in love of the Lord, and this is what we do as a group each month; an ancient formula for ordinary young Catholics today.
Whether you are a strong and devout Catholic, consider yourself to be trying hard to be faithful, or usually find that 'Church Groups' are not for you there is a place for you at each of our events for young adults at the Oratory. Come and see!