Saturday 10 February 2024

Today we confirmed ten adults: five newly baptised, three received into Full Communion with the Catholic Church, and two Catholics. Congratulations to them all, and a warm welcome to our new members of the Church!

Our newly confirmed have been preparing since October, and have been the first to attend our classes for adults. They have been waiting for this moment for a while now, but God has been looking forward to this moment for even longer. Monsignor Ronald Knox described how Christ waits for us to receive him in Holy Communion:

“Go to communion in some little country church, where you find yourself alone at the altar rails, or go to midnight Mass at Westminster Cathedral, and get sucked into the interminable queue which is slowly moving eastwards — it makes no difference. In either case the sacred Host which you are destined to receive contains the whole of Christ, all meant for you. “Is my friend there?” he is saying; waiting for you, like the person who comes to meet you at a crowded terminus, looking out for that particular trick of walking, that particular way of holding yourself, which will single you out at a distance.”

Please pray for those who received the sacraments today, and those who are still waiting. We have a few more people from our first classes still looking forward to the sacraments, and a whole new class preparing to receive the sacraments in June.


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