Wednesday 18 October 2023

OYA 2023–2024

Oratory Young Adults meetings include a time of discussion, catechesis, conversation and prayer. Refreshments are available from the Cafe Neri bar from 7:30 and the main discussion begins at 8:00. Adults aged 18 to 35 are welcome to come along.

20 October — What was Jesus REALLY like?
It can sometimes be all too easy forget that Jesus is not a character in a book, or just a shadowy figure from history. He was a living, breathing human being, with thoughts, feelings and emotions like us — and he still is! What kind of personality does he have? Would we have got on with him if we’d met him 2000 years ago? How do we get to know him better now? Come along to find out.

17 November — Death: the final frontier
There is one thing all people can agree on: none of us want to die. But should that be true for Christians? Is death something to be scared of, or should we look forward to it as our birth into eternal life? Does heaven mean we don’t need to worry about death? If you want to know what the answer is, don’t miss this meeting of OYA.

1 December — Stop trying so hard
Sometimes it can feel like there are too many things to get done, too many standards to meet and not enough hours in the day. Sometimes our faith can feel like that too. Overwhelmed with questions about vocation, relationships and work? Underwhelmed by your progress with prayer and the fight against sin? Maybe it’s time to let Christ do the work. Come along to think about how to do just that.

19 January — The great ascent
The spiritual life, being holy, becoming saints can all seem like a monumental task which is frankly unachievable — but we have to begin somewhere. Come and reflect on how our understanding of what it is to be human encourages us in climbing our spiritual Everest.

9 February — Lose yourself to find yourself
The scriptures are an indispensable means of encountering Christ in the life of all Christians. We lose ourselves in the text to find him — and our authentic selves. Come along to find out how to read deeply, to listen with the ear of the heart and to put into practice what Christ has to say to us.

1 March — What God buys he puts a value on
God is never required to do anything. He is always free to choose exactly what he wants to do. And of all the things he could choose, he chose to become man and save us by dying for us. Why would he do that? Come along to explore what Jesus’ death on the cross tells us about him — and us.

26 April — God give me patience: when God is silent
We would give up trying to talk to a friend who never spoke back to us. Do we ever feel like doing the same with God? Is silence always a problem? This month we’re exploring the mystery of silence. Come along to find out more.

17 May — We have no lasting city
There have always been some Christians who have looked at the world around them and thought the best thing to do is run away! But are we really supposed to abandon the world to save ourselves? Come along to discuss what it means to be a faithful Christian in Oxford today.

7 June — Rediscovering the off button: Self-sacrifice in an age of instant gratification
Do we look after number one or love our neighbour? How do we find time for ourselves, for others — and for God — when there are so many demands on our time and energy already? Come along to think about how we can rediscover the off button.