Lady Chapel

Lady Chapel

The restoration of the Lady Chapel was carried out by IFACS in 2007 as the first stage of the Oratory's “Reaffirmation and Renewal” Campaign. The altar was kindly donated to us by St Benet's Hall, Ampleforth Abbey's Oxford house of studies, and was formerly in the chapel there. The statue was given to the church in 1876.

Lady Chapel

The altar bears the text Tota pulchra es Maria—‘Thou art all fair, Mary’, taken from a Latin antiphon referring to Our Lady's Immaculate Conception.

Lady Chapel Window

Above the altar is a stained glass window containing depictions of some of the titles of Our Lady from the Litany of Loretto. Next to it is a window of St Gertrude.

Window of St Gertrude

The titles of Our Lady from the Litany are continued in two smaller round windows higher up. These were given in 1900. All of the windows in this chapel were made by Hardmans of Birmingham.

Round window Round window