Back of Church

The Holy Water Stoup

As you enter the church you find the Holy Water stoup before the middle column. This was given by the Paravicini family in memory of Fr Gerard Manley Hopkins SJ, who was curate at St Aloysius' for a year.

The Baptismal Font

To the right of the Holy Water Stoup is the Baptismal Font. The original baptistery of the Church was converted into the Relic Chapel in 1907. The Font moved back into the Relic Chapel in the last century, but has been moved back out into the Church, awaiting its final home in the new baptistery that we hope to build soon.

The Baptismal Font

Further to the right, there is a statue of St Anthony, one of the most popular of all the saints, a Franciscan preacher of the thirteenth century. Today, offerings left for St Anthony are used to help the poor of our city.

St Anthony

On the left is the statue of St Joseph, originally from St Philip's chapel.

St Joseph