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Monday 30 August 2021

O God, whose servant Blessed John Juvenal
abandoned his training for the care of the human body
for the yet nobler care of the human soul,
that he might be spared on the day of wrath,
who blessed him with a particular love
for the service of thine altar
and caused him to reckon his life of no account,
if he should gain a single soul for thee;
who surpassed his virtue of humility,
only by his virtue of obedience;
and having raised him to the dignity of the episcopate
bestowed upon him the martyr’s crown in all but name;
grant us by his intercession and example
to be joyful,
to serve thee, O Lord, in gladness,
to forgive all who do us harm,
to do good and to suffer ill,
to persevere unto the end.

Jesus, sweet Jesus, with Mary give peace to our souls.


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