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Saturday 28 August 2021

Have you noticed that St Augustine and St Monica are directly opposite each other on our sanctuary? (Look for the lit candles!) But rather than facing each other, both of them gaze up prayerfully towards heaven. With Christ in the tabernacle at the centre, the scene becomes like one described by St Augustine in his ‘Confessions’:

“It came about that she and I were standing leaning out of a window overlooking a garden. Alone with each other, we talked very intimately, ‘forgetting the past and reaching forward to what lies ahead’ (Phil. 3:13). We were searching together in the presence of the Truth which is you yourself. We asked what the eternal life of the saints will be like, a life which ‘neither eye has seen nor ear heard nor has it entered into the heart of man’ (1 Cor. 2:9). But with the mouth of the heart wide open, we drank in the waters flowing from your spring on high, ‘the spring of life’ (Ps. 35:10) which is with you, so that sprinkled with this water as much as we could take, we tried in some way to think about such a great reality.”


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